Saturday, August 2, 2008

A sign of the times topped with cheese and pepperoni

It was only a matter of time, but with everyone going organic these days, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that Pizza Hut is rolling out a line of organic pies called, "The Natural", according to Fast Food Maven, a California based food blog.

Much like Robert Redford in pizza form, you'll find a multi-grain crust, organic sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes, and natural mozzarella cheese.

But the hippie pizza fest doesn't end with what you're eating, even the box will be made of 75% recycled material.

This Natural will be introduced in Tampa and Dallas before it's distributed nationwide. Hopefully, for Pizza Hut's sake, this product ends with a Robert Redford like home run (and not a Robert Redford like slow death due to a stabbing wound).

Photo Courtesy: Fast Food Maven


Anonymous said...

Neat idea, but why can't they make the rest of their boxes like that?

Anonymous said...

Tampa and Dallas? Are these really the best places to debut an organic pizza?