Monday, June 25, 2007

Off the beaten path, but on the money

It seems like in order to be a notable restaurant in Arlington, you’ve got to be within sight of a Metro station. Between the Ballston-Roslyn corridor, and Pentagon/Crystal City, most of Arlington’s best eats hover near Arlington’s metro stops.

Tallula is one of the exceptions to this rule; located about 15 minutes or so from the Clarendon metro stop, Tallula is a oasis in an otherwise suburban desert, sticking out like a sore thumb amongst houses and gas stations.

I visited Tallula a couple weekends ago for brunch, a meal I usually don’t partake in (because I’m usually at 2Amy’s for lunch on Sundays), with the former Apple of Apples and Bananas.

Tallula is broken up into several parts: EatBar, Planet Wine, and then the actual restaurant. For brunch we decided upon the actual restaurant, which has a nice bright modern feel to it, providing plenty of personal space without being confining.

We arrived early, just as it opened, and found almost no one there, which allowed us to be seated and served rather promptly.

While I initially wanted something light, my company, who had eaten at EatBar before, insisted that I get the hamburger. As usual, she was right.

Served on a wonderfully light brioche roll, the hamburger was nicely cooked and very moist. Not exactly the lightest thing on the menu, but tasty nonetheless.

Apples got the Eggs Benedict, which was pretty solid for a pretty standard brunch dish.

While I only got to sample a fraction of a fraction of what Tallula has to offer, what I had left me with high hopes, and makes me want to go back to try everything else it has to offer.

Tallula Restaurant/EatBar/Planet Wine
2761 Washington Boulevard
Arlington, VA
(703) 778-5051


Jillian said...

First off, thank you for admitting that Apples is always right. She knows.

Second, the eggs benedict was not standard. It's served on fried green tomatoes, for one, instead of your usual english muffin. It has a jalepeno hollandaise sauce. And it has homemade beef bacon on it. Its frickin' tasty.

But maybe Apples didn't give you enough of a taste for you to know that. She appologizes.

Anonymous said...

You really must go back for dinner! Gordon and I had date night at Tallula a couple weeks back -- I am still raving about their strawberry-rhubarb cobbler with ginger ice-cream. The servers were fantastic too!