Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The "L" Word

There’s something to be said about a good location. Easy to get to, a great view, and plenty to do around it; a great location can make up for an otherwise lack luster restaurant. Unfortunately, even being in the heart of Adams Morgan couldn’t save Ghana Café in my eyes, or in my stomach.

Arriving at around 7 pm last Friday night, I walked inside the restaurant looking for someone to seat us, or at least direct us to seating – instead one of two people seated at a small table near the door were nice enough to break their conversation and tell us to sit outside. Lucky for us (myself and my three friends), there happened to be an open table of four.

The menu itself was just as chaotic as us being seated. Separated into “regular” and “vegetarian”, it’s difficult for someone who has never had Ghanaian food to tell the difference between the dishes; the ingredients are ambiguous and many of the entrees seem redundant.

Looking to be adventurous, I decided to order the goat with rice. My first venture into the world of goat, the meat was slightly gamey, and very fatty. Served lukewarm at best, the sauce it was in wasn’t bad, but seemed like a spiced up tomato sauce that I could have purchased at my Harris Teeter down the street.

The rice it was served with was also cold, and seemed like it had been sitting out for a while. Nicely spicy, it was served with peas and carrots – not exactly what I personally like having with my rice (or any meal for that matter), but they were the only thing adding flavor to the dish.

So…the service was horrible, the food was regrettable, and the price ($11.00) was inflated for what I got. But there’s got to be some redeeming quality to Ghana Café…right? Well yes, location. Ghana Café is located right across the street from Julia's Empanadas, where I was able to go after I settled my check and have a real meal for only $3.50.

Ghana Cafe
2465 18th St. NW,
Washington, DC 20009

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