Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A slice worth the price

One of the cruelest acts we as a society perpetrate on our youth is allowing them to grow up completely misinformed as to what a good slice of pizza is. It’s all too easy these days to buy one, or five, or ten pizzas from some faceless chain, covered in grease; more toppings and accessories than pizza.

Washington DC, like any other city, is crawling with places to get a slice of the pie, but one stands out above all others. Tucked away near the National Cathedral, 2 Amy’s stands out above the rest of the pack, offering real Neapolitan style pizza at incredible prices.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is often hectic. Arriving at 12:30 on a Sunday, you’ll face a minimum half-hour wait as patrons tend to line up even before it opens at noon. The d├ęcor is simple and welcoming, with the left side of the restaurant dedicated to tables and chairs, and the right side to the kitchen and a bar towards the rear.

Even on a busy Sunday afternoon the service is quick and precise. Before I can put my keys on the table, water is being poured and drink orders taken. In total, from the time our names were called to the time that we signed the check, we were only seated for about a half hour. Yet, what we ate in that half hour was quire remarkable.

I started off with a doughnut; not exactly what first comes to mind when we think of pizzerias, but this doughnut is not your run of the mill doughnut. Light and airy, warm and covered in cinnamon sugar, the loan doughnut (served with the doughnut hole) is a sweet way to start off any meal.

Their pizzas are straight forward, simple, and delicious. The margherita pizza, cooked to perfection in their wood burning oven, has a great balance of flavors, colors and textures. The light coating of olive oil and sea salt on the crust melds well with the fresh leaves of basil, and the melted clumps of mozzarella di bufala.

Each pizza, ranging from $8.95 to $12.95 is enough for one, though could certainly be shared in a pinch – a great deal for a pie made with such fresh ingredients and served with such attention to detail, down to the drizzle of extra virgin olive oil just before the pizza is served.

Often accused of being too loud, too full of young children who seem to run the place, 2 Amy’s is a wonderful place to have a wonderful meal. In a time when you can have any ole sub par pizza delivered to your door, a place like 2 Amy’s makes it worth getting in your car (or putting on your shoes, riding a bike, whatever it takes) and making a trip – it’ll be time well spent, and a meal enjoyed.

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