Thursday, April 3, 2008

What goes in, must come out...

I had a very interesting conversation last night with a random while I was in line for the bathroom at Matchbox.

If you've never been to this Chinatown restaurant, the bathrooms only fit one person, which, can be a problem if you've got dozens of people at the bar plus a full restaurant.

My temporary conversation partner made a good point, "If you can fit more than sixty in a restaurant, you shouldn't have one person bathrooms."

Do you agree? Are you fine with single person restrooms, or do you like the industrial sized kind?


B said...

It really all depends on the way it's kept up. But single stall bathrooms suck horrendously for larger establishments.

Dr. Dremo's had 2, but both were singles and it just.. bothered me.

Britni said...

I think all places should have more than a single bathroom. What happens if I just have to go and there's someone else in the bathroom? At least two should be a requirement.

Um... Yum! said...

I work at a place where the employees who have been working all night are the ones who have to clean the bathrooms. Single bathrooms are much easier to clean and maintain, so for the sake of the employees, I'd say if they have to upkeep it, then single is the only way to go. But for establishments that have cleaning crews, then there should definitely be the multi-stall bathrooms.

JimBathurst said...

I was next in line for the guy's room at Matchbox one night when a guy went past me, knocked on the door, and before I could say "there's someone in there", he just walked on in. Now the funny part is he didn't run out and the other guy didn't yell for him to get out. This wasn't a couple meeting in the bathroom, this was just two guys using the single person bathroom.

Proof positive that the guy's bathroom at matchbox could definitely house more than one person. Just throw up a couple privacy dividers.