Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Programming Note

Hey there food fans - a quick apology for not keeping up with the posts, but sixteen hour days at work this week are kicking my ass.

But hey, who cares about that when you've got Top Chef starting again tomorrow?!?!

So what do I expect? Pretty much the same exact thing at last season. Looking at the bios, it looks like they found the stunt doubles of all of the power players from season three.

Need another cocky Asian guy? They've got Dale. Need another guy with a fauxhawk? They've got Richard. Need another cute girl who looks like she just walked off the Smith campus (and who Apples and I will probably vote for)? They've got Lisa.

Frankly, I don't care if they just show reruns of last season, Apples and I will watch it obsessively and write about it.

So bring it on Bravo, I won't be ready to pack my knives up and go home for a good long time.

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elle kasey said...

Oooh Top Chef tonight, food and foolishness! Bring it on.