Sunday, March 30, 2008

News from Courthouse

If you happen to spend as much time in Courthouse as I do, you'll be happy to see you'll have a few more dining options in the months ahead.

On Wilson Blvd. where Atilla's used to be, a new restaurant, Courthouse Bistro will be opening up. I know nothing about this place except it'll probably be Italian based on the color scheme of the sign.

If you're looking for something a little sweeter though, you'll want to venture up Wilson Blvd. to across the Whole Foods, where according to, Bocatto, a new gelato and sorbet joint will be opening up in the Latin market in the next couple weeks.

That's all the news for today. Expect next week to be a slow one, but I'll have a great preview of what promises to be Clarendon's new gem: Eventide.


Britni said...

I am ecstatic! I absolutely love gelato and sorbet and have been looking for a good place to go. I actually work right off the Courthouse metro so I'm going to have to be on the lookout for these two new places. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I shall have keep and eye out for both places! It's exciting to have a place open that specializes in sweet! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm still rooting for a by-the-pound candy store. That's what we need.

Anonymous said...

OMG if one of those opened it would be awesome...but I would be doomed...well namely my waist would be doomed.

Anonymous said...

FAN-tastic! I spend more time in Courthouse than I do Dupont where I technically live - this is good news!