Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Food day!

Hello there folks. Sorry about the complete lack of posting over the past few days. A lot going on - not enough time to write.

A couple of quick items before I get back to work:

Barton to expand into Bagelry

The WaPo reports that haute hunk Barton Seaver is expanding the Hook concept into the next door Georgetown Bagelry by turning that space into a casual seafood restaurant akin to a small seafood shack in New England - he's calling the new place "Tackle Box".

I think this is a great idea and will succeed in Georgetown, where wealthy college kids from the northeast can finally get a taste of home for a decent price. I will however miss the Bagelry's bagels and pizza.

The Bagelry will close in January with Tackle Box opening in the spring.

Will Morou be the man?

It's also the food day for the Examiner, and former Iron Chef loser Morou has a nice full page profile today as he gets prepared to enter the contest that will allow him to enter Kitchen Stadium as an Iron Chef.

That's all for now fellow foodies - only a few more hours until Tom's Chat!


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