Thursday, August 9, 2007

Then I guess I'll have the chicken...

I suppose you can call it a sign of the times. Follow me now - High priced and dangerously obtained foreign oil means more ethanol production. More ethanol production means more corn consumpton. More corn consumpton means less corn for cows. Less feed for cows means less steak for restaurants.

The New York Sun, by way of Drudge, reports that New York City is seeing a shortage in prime cuts of beef. It'll be interesting to see if this shortage travels down to DC, and if it'll effect the price of our favorite steaks.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't sure where to post this comment so I'm putting here.. Great site! Lots of fun. I'll stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Cows shouldn't eat corn anyway. It causes all kinds of health problems that have to be treated with meds.

I'm really pleased to see how many restaurants are choosing to serve grass-fed beef.